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Welcome to Drusy-Quartz.com - the ultimate place for Wholesalers & Jewellery Manufacturers to come and end your sourcing for this Dazzling gemstone of 21st century, Drusy Quartz. Our factories in Thailand produce Drusy quartz in Flat / Window and in few qualities. You are welcome to read more about quality / colors of Drusy quartz on our website.

The latest color that we are producing for Drusy is Orange, Rainbow, Black (Jet Black - not Titanium grey) and all the Dye colors. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a long term Manufacturer of Drusy at sales@drusy-quartz.com


Consistent supplier of drusy quartz since last 18 years in both flat and window druzy quartz. We are running our wholesale production factory in Thailand.


We take few hours to get back you a mail with exact production time and other information.


We provide worldwide free express shipping over 800USD order.


If you are buying with us then you do not need to worry about quality and color, you will get the same quality that you pay for.

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